How not to become a victim of “forest vampires”?

How not to become a victim of “forest vampires”?

We live, warm-blooded creatures, from summer to summer, to set aside our sunshine, to warm the back, to squint eyes. And everything would be fine if there were no serious danger in the form of other creatures – crowing, barking, bleating, buzzing and just creeping, silent. Our speech will go on how to bite yourself and protect everyone from being bitten by a loved one.

The sun heats, the skin from the sun is cracking, and instead of a mattress rest you can jump on the spot, clap your hands on the bodies, cursing the curses into the sky? Worse than tigers in our forests – it’s … mosquitoes. Means of protection from them are divided into household and parade-weekends. To the home are mosquito nets on the windows (the higher the density, the better), rosette fumigators or tablets with vials with a special liquid. But tablets and bottles have contraindications for their use in rooms where pregnant women and young children are up to 2-3 years old. Details on the contraindications of the drug you choose, find out in a specialized store, or on the manufacturer’s website, if on the box, labels were not found during the inspection.

Special spirals that emit smoke during combustion, and it is advisable not to use them in poorly ventilated rooms. It is good to use spirals in country cottages, in private plots, even near the children’s sandbox in the yard, when the children started playing until the agonizing and buzzing evening. In hiking and camping, you can also try to drive away the “forest vampires” with a spiral, but you do not need to put the spiral very close to the tent and all the more so that smoke can get inside.

Anti-mosquito aerosols are available in a fairly wide range, both in pharmacies and in markets, and it is not difficult to buy a low-quality and toxic aerosol. Therefore, no matter how much you praise the product you bought, it is better not to use it in closed rooms, close to children, pregnant and lactating women. Some aerosols can be applied directly to the skin, others – only clothes are sprayed. The remedy, for example, is applied to clothes intended for a hike, cottage, evening or walk and only then you put it on. This way you avoid contact with the skin. If you have very little clothes for you, then you can sprinkle aerosol on the litter on which you are going to take sunbathing, especially if your beach is a forest clearing near the pond.

Ointments against mosquito bites can be bought, you can do yourself, using the rich experience of grandparents. On all topical preparations, read the age limit for use, the reaction is very small, up to 3 years, children for ointment can be unpredictable. There is an opinion that the use of ointments is more beneficial with the already available bites, then the remedy helps to remove the itching, swelling. And in defense they help a little: quickly absorbed or erased, without creating a protective barrier. To make an ointment at home is easy: 3 drops of clove oil per 10 gr. baby cream or butter. Alternatively, mix 30 ml of tea tree oil, 50 ml of vegetable oil and 5 drops of clove oil. The resulting mixture is poured into a bottle and shaken vigorously several times. This repellent can be applied to sensitive skin.

But it so happened that you, fascinated by forest beauties, or carried away by a book on the balcony, or asleep with open windows and switched on the light, forgot everything in the world and you were still bitten. On the body flaunts a red tubercle, and even not one, and hands to it all stretch. What to do? In most cases, the reaction to bite is not dangerous – it is enough to wipe the place of bite with a dry soda or soda solution and grease it with greens (soda removes swelling, green prevents infection of the bite site). A few drops of Corvalol or Valocordina work wonders with bites, they reduce itching and swelling. You can also use the juice of onions and toothpaste, but not gel.

And let us, the warm-blooded creatures, live from summer to summer, to turn our sunny sides and walk a lot in the forest, but if we are warned, we are armed. In the following articles I will tell you how to warn against ticks, wasps and bees, flies. Rejoice in summer protected.

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