How not to become a victim of a card cheater?

How not to become a victim of a card cheater?

It’s no secret that many of us like to play cards. And if you are an absolute kettle in this tricky business, sometimes you can run into the most sophisticated dock, or, to put it bluntly, a sharper. And in anticipation of this exciting meeting, we will share a fairly common and unpretentious sharper receiver, to which you can easily buy.

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that it is necessary to look at this device exclusively under a preventive angle of view, and in no way, not a consumer one. Because if a separate irresponsible teapot thinks of itself as a scooter and decides to use the device in practice, most likely it will not work because of inexperience. And the noise will be …

So, the reception, known in narrow circles called “box”. It is used when you need to force the partner to remove the deck in the right place. To do this, the “piece”, that is, the folded part of the deck and “empty”, that is, the half-folded half are bent by the sharper in different directions.

Pretending that he is shuffling the deck, the sharper actually shuffles only the empty one on top. While the lower part with the necessary layout of the cards remains unchanged.

Pulling the partner deck for “shooting”, the sharper slightly holds a finger sticking from the “piece” top and only when the partner touches the deck, releases it. The protruding part itself climbs into the partner’s hand, which involuntarily removes this half, so that the “piece” gets to the top.

“As it was required to prove” – ​​says at such a moment sharper, giving a sign to the club hunters that “the box has passed.”

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