How not to be bitten by a dog, or a Dog is biting …

How not to be bitten by a dog, or a Dog is biting …

Everyone knows that a dog is biting only from the life of a dog. But what do we do – people, if the difficult dog life of any dog ​​pushes him to aggression?

Stealth first. Never touch a dog while eating, sleeping, and generally when it is busy with itself. Dogs, as a rule, are very responsive to their leisure time and therefore such liberties on your part will not tolerate. Exceptions in some of the domestic dogs are the owners, these they are not touched almost under any circumstances.

By the way, a dog can behave aggressively if you overly actively start waving your hands in front of its owner’s nose, especially if the dog is trained.

Now the trick is the second one, it’s defensive, in case you still got the dog out of yourself, and she decided to bite you. First, by any means, press fear into yourself (and the more dangerous the dog, the more important it is). Never be afraid, dogs literally feel it by smell, except that fear does not allow you to act more or less consciously.

Secondly, in no case do not take it into your head to run away from the dog, do not turn your back to it at all. This can provoke even a peaceful creature to throw.

Well, thirdly, try, again, without turning your back to the dog, to entice her into a non-familiar territory. The fact is that many dogs tend to feel insecure if they lose their master, or find themselves in a different environment than usual. In other words, if a dog attacked you in the courtyard, try to jump into the entrance of the house, where it will pester its own fervor.

And the fourth today’s cunning, it’s the last and decisive. It will be indispensable in the event that the dog bites you and keeps in your mouth, it is not clear what you are thinking about. In order to get rid of the clinging (and thoughtful) dog, there is such a technique: take a thumb and forefinger, and insert them into two small notches on the neck under the jaw itself. These are such special buttons in dogs that are made to release. Here you have to press these buttons. And press harder.

Well, in general, if a dog is biting, it is only, as you know, from the life of a dog, and therefore, dogs need to be loved, caressed, built by them booths, so that the forget-me-nots flourish in their souls. 🙂

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