How many measurements in the universe?

How many measurements in the universe?

The surge of intellectual activity in our country has recently sparked many bright minds to seek a philosophical and psychological system that explains the main types of interaction and interconnection of feelings, feelings, emotions, thoughts and aspirations of a person. But you do not need to create anything. Such a system already exists and is called the “Universal Worlds Ensemble” – AUM.

AUM meets the accepted analogues of beauty and harmony and covers the greatest number of existing philosophical, religious and esoteric theories. Its author, the famous scientist Mikhail Mikhailovich Nekrasov, proposes to apply in practice this system for the physical and spiritual recovery of Man and the development of his natural psychic powers.

There are various mathematical theories describing multidimensional spaces and their properties. The results of modern work in atomic physics made scientists think about the real existence of multidimensional spaces filled with various forms of conscious life that are reflected in the human psyche and, on the contrary, the soul life of a person is reflected in this or that world.

In our physical world, to measure bodies in space, we use three static coordinates (length, width, height) and one dynamic coordinate of time. The simplest physical formula V = S / t shows that the motion (speed V) generates space (S) and time (t). With complete rest (V = 0) time and space (S / t = 0) disappear.

Hence, the cause of the generation of space and time is movement and the associated changes: growth, transformation, formation. In addition to mechanical movement, there are biological (birth, maturation, dying), intellectual, intuitive, volitional and other types of refined movements that form a certain hierarchical chain.

In the evolution of the Earth, the mechanical forms of movement preceded the biological forms of life, and the latter led to the emergence of intelligence. The further chain of evolution of the forms of life movements is this: the intellect – the realization will – the intuition – the wisdom – the love. This chain of humanity has yet to pass. Each of these mental movements (growth, transformation, becoming) generates its time and its space (V = S / t).

This implies the following: how many qualitatively different mental manifestations in a person, as many different Worlds. These sophisticated forms of motion are the space-time coordinates of multidimensional worlds.

In our world of three dimensions of space, all kinds of mechanical and biological movements are reflected on the time coordinate, which in the world of four dimensions of space (the intellectual world) becomes static. The very notion of time changes. This means that if a person’s intellectual abilities do not progress, then the beings of the four-dimensional world see this person as something immobile.

In a world of five dimensions, time is generated by the growth of the realization will, and “motionless” becomes intellectual movements and so on. Each dimension generates time with its own characteristics, so in different worlds time flows in different ways.

On the information channel, an approximate difference in time perception is obtained in different spaces. In the world of seven dimensions of space, our terrestrial 10 years are perceived as one minute, and in the world of intuition (six-dimensional space) – as ten minutes. One minute of the five-dimensional space is 36.5 days of our measurement, and the minute of the four-dimensional space is 3.6 days on Earth.

The thinner the world and its matter, the more time is allowed to the conscious beings of the given world. Energy and the substance of time (chronal field) can be successfully manipulated, compressing and stretching it if necessary. In this sense, the limit of perfection will be to be able to survive instants as an eternity, and to feel eternity as an instant.

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