How does the radar detector work?

How does the radar detector work?

Today again about our cars. For those who like to feel uncomfortable, adhering to speed limits, the radar detector is irreplaceable. About him, darling, and we’ll lead our conversation.

Indeed, what could be better: install this “weapon” against the traffic police, press the gas pedal into the floor and sweep along the country road at an unthinkable speed! However, such hopes for their own impunity, oddly enough, often end in a fine or even deprivation of rights.

The detector of a well-known foreign firm sometimes stubbornly remains silent even when the foreign car got into the “sight” of the police radar. Many in this case rush to return the supposedly “hack-crafty” device back to the seller: they say, they foisted a fake. But … after installing a new radar detector, the situation repeats. It turns out that it’s not about radar at all.

On European roads, around-the-clock systems of round-the-clock tracking of vehicle speed are used everywhere. These devices are considered to be sources of microwave radiation of limited power, which can be hazardous to health. And here, in order to protect the driver from harmful rays, some companies produce windshields for special, “lead” technology. That’s why the praised radar detectors and “keep silent” at the most inopportune moment! By the way, whose production is your windshield? ..

The aforementioned “special” glasses, when carefully examined, you can see that the glass in places contains inclusions in the form of small bubbles of air. To produce an optical glass with certain properties, various substances, metals and their salts, are introduced into it. When casting such glass preforms, it is technologically impossible to completely get rid of inclusions in the form of small air bubbles, they also signal us about the presence of additives. That’s for these very bubbles, and we can, even before buying a radar, determine that it will not work in our car.

By the way, alleged glasswork of radar can also prevent glass tinted by spraying on them a layer of metal. In appearance, they are easy to distinguish, since these glasses have a mirror image of white, yellow and some other shades. In a similar way, the side windows are mostly tinted, and the frontal ones are usually applied with a narrow band in the upper part. In this case, installing a radar detector next to the visor is also useless, since radiation through such a tint hardly penetrates.
These are the things.

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