How do you know the nature of the color of clothes?

How do you know the nature of the color of clothes?

It turns out that by doing an image, you can kill two birds with one stone. And the firm’s representativeness to strengthen, and … the nature of subordinates to know.

Here, for example, you have conceived the once and for all to solve the issue with the uniform of your staff. And, reflecting, asked each of their subordinates to bring you on the table applications for the colors of the future uniform.

But the point is that you are the leader, in order to be cunning of your subordinates. Of course, applications for colors will help you determine their preferences in clothes, but on closer examination will tell and something else. For example, some details of the nature of your colleagues. Especially if you use the test of Mr. Luscher for this purpose.

Well, – Mr. Lusher tells us, – if your subordinate chose a red color, this indicates that he is usually a physically strong person, living, above all, today. These people are very excitable, energetic, loving and enterprising. But usually this enterprise does not go beyond twenty-four hours. Practically they hurt, without a spark.

But the yellow color is a completely different story. He is chosen by dreamers not of this world. They do not try to coordinate their actions with everyday realities and try to change the wretchedness around them into a kind of fairy tale.

Green tells us that the employee is a self-confident and persistent person, directing all his perseverance in securing himself a comfortable old age.

Blue is usually phlegmatic, striving for order and stability.

Well, the last color considered is brown. Fans of this gloomy color, Mr. Luscher can say only one thing – you are not arranged in life.

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