How did my friend overcome a serious illness? A story from life

How did my friend overcome a serious illness? A story from life

Cancer in all its manifestations is a terrible disease. If a diagnosis of cancer is diagnosed, for the patient it sounds like a sentence. Annually in Russia from various kinds of a cancer 300 thousand person dies. I will not talk about new methods of treating this serious illness, but I want to show what a person can do to resist a terrible illness.

I want to tell a story from the life that happened to my mother’s friend. Her name is Lyudmila Nikolayevna, and for me she’s just Aunt Lusya. She is a very sociable woman, PhD. For many years he works at the university, where he gives lectures, conducts summer practice, has many graduates with whom he maintains contacts after graduation.

A couple of years ago, the gynecologist she visited was suspicious. The doctor sent her to a check-up at the cancer center, she was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix. She could not believe it, went through another examination in another clinic, but the results were disappointing – malignant neoplasm. Aunt Lusya lives alone, her son and his family have a separate apartment. To understand what to do next, she decided to consult with her son, the closest person for her. The young man postponed all the cases and went with his mother to a consultation with an oncologist. Together they decided to start treatment with radiotherapy.

Aunt Lusia said that she was assigned a three-week course of irradiation. I will not describe her condition during this period, but she described it as: “torture in Auschwitz was nothing compared to this treatment.” Although, later it turned out that the radiation therapy was only a “flower”. After her, Aunt Lusya underwent a course of chemotherapy with all the resulting side effects.

Chemotherapy helped, but the doctor decided that it was necessary to remove the tumor surgically. The date of the operation was appointed. It was done, but it was unsuccessful: the tumor was removed, but since after the irradiation the tissues of the adjacent organs became very soft, the surgeon damaged the bladder and a hole was formed in it. Aunt Lyusya was again put on the operating table and made a temporary system of urine outflow from the body. After a period of recovery, she was released home with a “sack at the waist.” She could not leave the house for a minute. The relatives supplied Lyudmila Nikolaevna with everything necessary.

There was now a problem in the air, how to “repair” the bladder. The trouble was that no one took on such a complicated surgical procedure. After a few months, Aunt Lucy’s son managed to find a clinic where they promised to do the operation, but for a lot of money. The son found the necessary amount by taking a loan from the bank, and the jewelry operation was made. On the hole a “patch” was imposed from the hostess’s fabrics. The healing process was slow. Aunt Lusia told me that she had to learn to walk again in a normal way. In total, she had to spend in different hospitals for about nine months.

This would be a terrible time for any other, but not such a man our Aunt Lucy! Talking about her stay in hospitals, first of all she told how many new friends she had got herself. What wonderful women she came across in the wards. They tried to help each other, cheered up, making fun of themselves and their neighbors.

What is surprising, despite the oncological diseases, the patients remained true women. Aunt Lusya said that many people tinted their lips, had a neat pedicure on their legs, “flaunted” the hospital in very pretty and flirty dressing gowns. Back home, new friends called back, talked about home news and nurtured plans for how to organize a general meeting, because they miss each other.

And one more statement of Aunt Lucy sunk into my soul: “I was not afraid to die. Sooner or later it will be time for everyone. There were days that I felt so bad that I could not tear my head off the pillow.But in the morning I opened my eyes, looked out the window of the room and began to rejoice – one more day I was released, to be on this Earth, to see the sun, to watch the wind in the branches of trees frolic … “

Aunt Lusya is a great optimist in life. Returning home, emaciated, weakened, but not broken by a serious illness, she began ringing up friends and girlfriends. When my mother and I visited her, we were met by the former Lyudmila Nikolayevna, with a coquettish short haircut (her hair had already grown), a light make-up, her face was lit up with a joyful smile all evening. She again returned to her usual life, around her were close people and friends.

To her mother’s return from the hospital, her son prepared a wonderful gift: a new faithful friend was waiting for her at home – a little dog Tony. Of course, Aunt Luce will have a long medication. Although she did not even mention it, the most important thing is that she again returned to her habitual “habitat”.

For me, Aunt Lusia is a sunbeam. When she is near – all are infected with her optimism and love of life. And in a few days it will be 70 years!

Aunt Lucia did not succumb to a serious illness, she helped herself to recover, finding positive moments in the most difficult and sometimes desperate situations, raising her spirits and giving her hope for a successful outcome.

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