How did Levi Strauss invent the “riveted overalls to the waist”?

How did Levi Strauss invent the “riveted overalls to the waist”?

If you were born a dreary day on February 26, 1829, the sixth child in a second marriage, and your father’s name is Hersh Strauss – this is not the reason to sprinkle your head with ashes! Even though you were named Loeb! In the end, it’s always easy to remake into something more euphonious, for example, Levi!

Yes, the family has always lived very poorly. But no one will ever take two things: the bright head and the existence of a mysterious America! They say there are so many simpletons that you can do business from the air!

And the existence of almost half a dozen older brothers and sisters is another great plus. By the time you stick, they have long since figured out what to do best in life!

Approximately so thought the young Loeb Strauss, who was traveling on one of the ships from Europe to the far shores of the United States. But the reality was not as bright as it seemed. Both older brothers, who lived in New York, although they had a manufactory for tailoring, but did not prosper. And his brother was not that he was not happy, but not too spoiled him with his attention, taking the role of a boy in errands.

For the happiness of the young Levi in ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica, a gold rush broke out. But do not think, for God’s sake, that the boy decided to swarm his hands in the icy water! He decided to do more familiar business – trade.
And, of course, he did not waste time on the deck of a ship that traveled from New York to the shores of California. Selling out to his fellow travelers everything that has been prudently taken from the house – sewing accessories, needles, threads, thimbles, potholders , etc. etc. Every creature in pairs …

By the end of the journey, the guy had only a big a canvas cut, which none of the passengers even looked at. But even so the clever little boy had an initial capital of about twenty or thirty dollars.

Upon arrival at the port, Levi Stross (as he called himself on the ship, we were more accustomed to Levi Strauss), a cruel disappointment awaited! If he had not hurried, then here in California, he helped out for his junk three times more. But he, at least, had a piece of canvas about seven arshins! And here it is not cheap!
Easy to say! Here, on the shore, this material provoked no greater interest than on board the ship. And then someone tossed Levy an interesting idea: “And will not you go to the camp of gold miners? Perhaps they will sew themselves a tent out of a canvas sailor! “

– Yes, you, lad, straight to the psychiatric hospital! – The first time in the camp was a huge gold seeker, he did not pick up expressions. “I have a patch on my patch on my trousers, I’ll lose all my reasons soon, and you’re talking about some tents!”
Smart Levi was not at a loss.
– And I give you pants! Tomorrow I’ll bring it! “Well, well,” the man smirked. “But just look, if you crawl away, I’ll put you on your ass!”

The prospect of spending all his life on a soft spot so frightened the poor boy that he decided to hedge. And for this in the place of each seam he drove off two lines! And to really like my first customer, I found so many pockets that could fit all the gold of an average American bank! And most importantly – painted the canvas in the color of indigo! Very practical color.

I liked my pants! And when he appeared in them at the local bar, his regulars opened their mouths with surprise. And they just wanted such pants.
And the carousel got turned! But why pinch your fingers with a needle if you can always hire tailors? Strauss did it! The first industrial party of new pants appeared on sale just in the middle of the century, in 1850. And they cost a ridiculous amount – $ 1.46.But Levy always had the first principle: “Let’s give the country coal, at least small, but a lot!”

And the founder of the manufactory never forgot about one more thing – to patent any “twaddle” on panties! Double seam, metal buttons, rivets! Do you really enumerate everything?
With rivets, incidentally, too, anecdotal story happened! If you constantly climb into your pockets, what the gold miners have sinned, the fabric gradually disintegrates, and in the corners of the pockets. To this attention Strauss drew a modest tailor from the state of Nevada. He also said that to strengthen the fabric rivets rivets. Buying an “idea” cost Levi $ 200! And Jakob Davis (I suspect that he also had a different name from birth) was invited by the founding father of the campaign to head one of the branches!
However, Levy did not forget about relatives either! One of them, Jonah, was in charge of the eastern representation of the campaign in New York, and brother-in-law David Stern worked hand in hand with Levy.

Strauss managed to become one of the most respected people in his hometown. In addition to his own business of sewing pants, he became the founder and treasurer of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Bank’s director, a couple of insurance companies and an energy firm. It held financial assistance to the Jewish community, the children’s shelter and the Nursing Home. He had everything except his wife, because he was married at work!

What failed to Levis, was successfully done by David Stern and Fanya’s sister, who gave him four enterprising nephews at once. And all their uncles attached to the family business.
He died on September 26, 1902, never knowing that after three decades his “riveted overalls to the waist” will give a more practical name – jeans. This is how the sailors from Genoa called their pants in the distant XVII century. But the English uttered the word Genoa, as “Gino”, hence the pants and called jeans.
And even more so did not know old Levi that at one of the auctions in this XXI century jeans Levi Strauss, made much later than the first, in 1880, were sold for 46,532 dollars!

All this Levi Strauss did not know. But on the day of his funeral, despite Monday, no office, no business, no tent or store in San Francisco did not work. The city was grieved! And no one even imagined that on jeans will be welded dishonest people in virtually all parts of the globe. But this, as they say, is a completely different story …

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