How correctly to speak on the phone, or Hello, you can not hear!

How correctly to speak on the phone, or Hello, you can not hear!

Today we have a couple of other tips for unemployed teapots.

So, after looking through all the ways of finding work, which were told in earlier releases, you find the cherished phone number. Number, calling on which, you, it seems to you, almost automatically fall into the number of employees of the company to which this phone belongs. In short, the case for small – telephone conversation with the employer. However, a telephone conversation, like any enterprise related to finding a job, has its cunnings and features, without taking into account which, you easily risk being, as they say, out of work.

What are these features, you ask. It turns out that there is a whole science called the ethics of business communication over the phone. If you look at this science from above, you can see that the main pervasive rule is the brevity, clarity and clarity with which you will expound your thoughts. The conversation should be conducted without large pauses, unnecessary words, and emotions. Unfortunately for you, and maybe for happiness (how to know), your interlocutor can not appreciate either your divine external data, your impeccable suit, or the utterly intelligent expression of your face. The only thing you can manipulate is a well-chosen pause, or intonation, as well as a well-structured structure of the conversation itself. Here on this structure we will dwell in more detail.

The main thing that you need to do on the threshold of a conversation is to prepare thoroughly for it. What does it mean? Try to gather as much information about the company you are interested in, here you can use everything that comes to hand: a telephone directory, friends, internet, etc. , , etc. And so, when you feel in the your strength to take the place, at least, the archivist of this company, you can proceed to the very call. Although for those who are not sure of their oratorical abilities, it will be a good idea to make a plan for the conversation.

When designing a plan, think about the introductory sentence, since the mismanagement, which includes all kinds of booing, jerking, and others … can ruin not only the first impression, but also, throwing you into a panic, will roll over to the whole further interview. You should know exactly the name of the person you are going to talk to, and also clearly state the purpose of your call. Try to figure out what questions the interviewee can ask you, and having figured out, try to respond laconically and clearly to them before the conversation. Such questions may include information about your education, professional experience, the reason for dismissal from a previous job.

When the conversation comes to an end, do not forget to find out when, where and from whom you can find out about its results, of course, if they are not immediately apparent. Strange as it may seem, but this simple thing, as a rule, is forgotten.
Well, well, success in the negotiations.

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