How correctly to learn a foreign language?

How correctly to learn a foreign language?

In fact, the algorithm for learning the language is simple – if you want to learn how to read well in a foreign language – read as much as possible, want to write well – write. On another it is impossible. You do not learn to swim lying on the sand or ride a bicycle, sitting in a chair? So here – you need to fully immerse yourself in the language.

A dive can be either alone, or by a group, or with a teacher. Only by choosing a teacher, you need to avoid dilettantes (this is not easy – there are a lot of them). The main criterion – the teacher should talk you through. Bad is the teacher who makes the student just do the exercises from the textbook. Classes should be intensive – with conversations, listening, tests.

If you study independently, the main thing is not to break firewood, and then you will have to retrain everything. I had a friend who somehow shared with me her method of learning the language “I will learn the dictionary by heart, and then I can calmly communicate – because all the words I will know”. Need I say that nothing came of it? Language is not a set of words, but a complex of expressions, grammatical and lexical constructions , etc. So read more in the language you are learning – you will learn many interesting expressions. Learning a simple dictionary and dry grammar will never lead to anything good. Even when reading, do not learn all the unfamiliar words. It will tire you. Just write out interesting expressions in a notebook and repeat them from time to time.

If we are talking about delusions, I want to say at once “There are no people who can not speak to the people”. Well, I do not have them. I know (fortunately, only by hearsay) that teachers can say to a student who does not succeed, “You are not capable of language!”. But, believe me, by this they justify their laziness. The teacher can not admit “I can not teach anything”. Do you speak Russian? This means that there will be no problems with the foreign one either. If it is boring, nothing works, everything falls from the hands – change tactics in learning a language or take a break.

So, and now a couple of useful tips:

  1. Do not be afraid of the flow of information. It happens that you turn on the radio and do not understand anything. And you just listen. Get used to the intonation, the sound of the language. By the way, try to find a radio wave interesting to you. If you are never listening to Russian political issues, then why should you listen to them in Italian (Swedish, Turkish, English …)? It’s the same with reading. Choose only what is really interesting. And do not try to learn everything by heart. By the way, it’s good to read a book you’ve already read in Russian. It’s very interesting to compare your own and professional translations.
  2. Do not engage in “a little bit”. It is better to do it less often and more than to stretch out the same topic for a month. It is unlikely to be useful if you scroll to the language for half an hour a day. Better twice a week, but for two or three hours. Although it all depends on the person. To whom as it is easier. The main thing is not to torture yourself.
  3. Watch your favorite movies (cartoons). It is possible with subtitles. Almost on any DVD you will find the version of the film with the original language. Think about it – it’s so interesting to hear the real voices of Robert De Niro, for example, or Pierce Brosnan or …
  4. Grammar learn gradually. Do not try to keep up with everything at once. It is better to know one thing for “excellent” than just to have an idea of ​​a lot.
  5. Do not be afraid of accent. So what, what’s your accent? It’s worse when the pronunciation is “put”, so much so, that it sounds like a parody of the native speaker. Naturalness is better than any such parody. To bring your pronunciation closer to the ideal – just listen more. But do not try to copy the intonation. Their assimilation occurs subconsciously.
  6. Do what interests you. This is probably the main advice. Like movies – see, books – read, chat in chat – talk. Only all this is not in Russian, but in the studied language.Remember the game of words, when you need to call the word on the letter to which the previous one ends (sailor-kerosene-sock-stone-thread-watermelon)? Why not play it, but not in Russian? Or why not translate songs? It’s so interesting what the beloved band is singing about. Or play on the computer in the original version of your favorite games. In general, do what you like. The most important thing is to remember that if you get bored, then you are doing something wrong.
  7. And do not be afraid of anything!

You will succeed!

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