How correctly to drink champagne?

How correctly to drink champagne?

There are only a few dozen moments left before the New Year. And these moments seep through the frosty air, smelling like Christmas trees, like sand through your fingers. Have we all managed this year? .. On other days this issue is capable of torturing a nature that is prone to melancholy to death, but not today, not on New Year’s Eve. The most unsmiling pessimists feel completely different. The mysterious and joyful holiday of the New Year is already very close! ..

However, I will leave the lyrics. Each of us still have a lot to do in the remaining time. So … we continue our impetuous preparations for the celebration of the New Year.
One of the most important attributes of this holiday is, of course, champagne. Vodka, wine or cognac are also respected by the people, but all their merits are paled before such an indispensable attribute of the New Year celebratory feast, like champagne. And therefore, realizing the importance of the fizzy drink, we will plunge into the art of reveling in champagne.

The trick first lies in the ability to serve a green bottle. First, you need to put it in a bucket of ice. At the same time it is desirable that the bucket should be nickel-silver or copper, but best of all, of course, silver.
Secondly, this bottle must be cooled to 6-9 degrees (no more and no less). Here such strict temperature amplitude should be. Otherwise, the wine can become not so disgusting, but the taste of the bouquet will suffer fairly.

Not the least role in the art of reveling in champagne is played by glasses. They do not have to be colored, and a particularly sparkling crystal glass can also prevent you from enjoying the charm of living sparks. First, in each glass pour champagne on one finger, and then top up two thirds – that was, where to place the foam.
And now after all this, you can safely take a glass by the leg, and not only following the tradition, but also extracting in a simple way practical sense: champagne, if the glass is held by the foot, he warms up much more slowly. And we are just interested in this.

Well, the final part of this event will be the acceptance of this drink into itself. Here it is necessary to make an effort and to slow down the process of drinking as much as possible. You are still waiting for vodka, which you will skip with slender glasses, and champagne should be drunk in small sips, with a smacking, pounding in small portions under the tongue, where the special receptors will certainly recognize the wonderful bouquet of a New Year’s drink.

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