How correctly to dress for public performance?

How correctly to dress for public performance?

Hello. We continue to share the tricks and secrets of image-maker art. And today we will talk about such a professional stylistic piece, as visual vibration. This, say the stylists, is an unobtrusive, but archival moment, without taking into account which, it is possible to nullify all our efforts to look beautiful.

So, visual vibration. It turns out that some colors and patterns of fabrics, shiny metal in ornaments and spectacle frames, make-up of bright tones cause an undesirable effect. This feature should be taken into account if you are to appear on television, on stage and in general at any public speaking. In this case, you have to deal with powerful soffits, when using which it is difficult to maintain the balance of some colors – in particular, contrasting ones such as white, black and red.

Of the above colors, red is particularly inclined to cause visual vibration. You see a red spot long before you see the man himself. The red color is unstable, it “flows” out of the outline of the image and disrupts the focus. Thus, we conclude that bright red shades should be avoided.

The same applies to some unwanted fabric patterns that can merge and vibrate. For example, striped fabrics, polka dots, iridescent stains, a cage, mottled patterns under certain lighting are fraught with undesirable effects. As a viewer, you could pay attention to a strange flicker (it is also called the effect of moire divorce), which occurs when a television journalist decides to put on a striped shirt, a tie in a small peas or a checkered jacket.

Therefore, the basic rule of choosing the color of clothing before any public appearance is that it is better to look for it in the middle of the spectrum. The closer to the middle of the spectrum, the better the color will look, and the less chance there will be of turning into a large iridescent spot. In a word, wear pastel, soft colors – it’s both fashionable and practical in case of a sudden need to give an interview for Central Television.

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