Do you believe in prophetic dreams?

Do you believe in prophetic dreams?

In our lives there is always a place of mystery, unreasonable stories that are difficult to explain from the point of view of common sense.

She was about seventy. To him – a little more. They had been living alone for several years, each of them: they buried their spouses and spent their days as they could. She succeeded: with energy, enthusiasm and altruism, it was always possible to find a business that was needed more by another than by herself.
Well, to her, of course, to feel needed, just even necessary people. And on long evenings memories flew, there were so many that would not suffice for one life.

So everything would continue, if a strange dream did not come to her every night. In it, she clearly saw that in one of the houses near the quay someone was waiting for her help. She hurried to this house, heard the knocking of her heels and … woke up.
It was difficult to realistically understand which door she needed to knock on the door to provide the necessary assistance, but that day she firmly decided to go to the embankment.

He sometimes from boredom came to the bar near the quay to skip a glass of another dry wine, say hello to people, even unfamiliar. On that day, a traditional visit was thwarted-the cafe, for some unexpected reason, was closed. By the noise and loud voices from the next cafe he realized that it would not be possible to spend a quiet evening there.

With a sense of superfluity on this holiday of life and suddenly rushing past memories, he moved away from the central street, and to which he noticed, only when he heard: tsok-tsok-tsok …
“I hear: the heels are hastily knocking. I look back – a woman, low, posture – just a sight, an outfit – with taste. I, like a wave, – to her: “Lady!” – and she did not even turn around. I – for her.
Again after her, already louder: “Lady, can I meet you?” She turned her head, looked me over from head to foot and again said nothing. But my already sounded question echoed in a deserted street and returned with the answer, which we both heard: “Only through the registrar!” …

I was tied to her. I’m coming and afraid to let it out. And she seemed to remember something or suddenly realized, stopped and a minute later went back home. I spent it, and the next day I came with flowers.
So before the registrar every day flowers and gave. I looked after him, as in my youth! Even, probably, more ardently. He asked for her hands, and when she agreed, he was happy, like Romeo! And today I’m happy because my Yuzya is the most amazing woman in the world! “They are Andrei Petrovich and Josefa Iosifovna – an amazingly happy couple. They are touchingly affectionate with each other, always together, like to give each other gifts and both are grateful to the dreams, circumstances and echoes in a deserted street for a life that seemed to start for them first.

So it may be, and prophetic dreams will come to you, as a gift from above, to give you happiness that you deserve. May it be so!

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