Do we need flowers on the windows, or How to acquire a “green hand”?

Do we need flowers on the windows, or How to acquire a “green hand”?

Red hand, black sheet, green fingers … No, no, it’s not about these nightmares from the pioneer camp. In life, there are things more terrible – for example, the window sill of an inept florist.

Yes, you yourself probably for several times had the opportunity to observe this squalor – one and a half stunted cactus, a naked stick of unknown origin with two yellowing leaves at the end, a long rod of lemon grown from a stone and a pike tail of sansevieri – and the pike has obviously died from a heavy disease. Nightmare. Just a nightmare. And if this is your window sill?

Why do we generally plant flowers on the windows? Why do we secretly pinch here and there leaflets and cuttings (we all know that stolen goods should grow better!), Not standing, buy in a flower stall a pretty pink bush in a pot and compassionately give shelter to the exposed to the mercy of fate and on the ladder “mother-in-law”? Yes, then, what we hope: that’s how the ka-ak will go all on growth, and there will be green jungles in the room for the soul’s rest, and such beauty will come, that neither in a fairy tale you can say, nor describe with a pen.

Meanwhile, the spider mites swoop down the rosy snail, and the stolen violets treacherously refute the truth of the above-mentioned belief. The role of the jungle very soon begins to perform weeds, which are not washed out so much by rolling their pots from the pots and the landscape is not ennobled at all.

Charter pull out of the pots of extraneous grass and leaves, we dutifully water everything in a row and with envy think of a neighbor who blooms even stuck in the ground dry stick. That’s what they say about – they have a “green hand”. To our own hands, we will attach the epithet “leaky” at best. It’s a shame.

And how much, in fact, will our house lose if we remove these drying misunderstandings from the window-sills? You just imagine – the virgin purity of the windowsill, no faded leaves, dubious grass blades, wrinkled needle-like watermelons and other thistle swans. Purity and beauty. Solid feng shui.

And do not complain pitifully to yourself: “Oh, how can you throw them away, that violet from the year before last will gather, they are alive, it’s all my fault, the gardener mediocre …”. Firstly, they are no longer that of the living – at least on the farm, living creatures that have reached this condition, finish for charity reasons. Secondly, even if you are to blame for something, this is not a reason to live among pots with hay. In the trash, in the garbage this hundred-year-old land, two-hundred-year-old tides, unknown from which came to the house a variety of flowerpots with prehistoric plastic pallets of the former piglet, and now faded color – there!

And when you come back from the dump and erase all the traces of an unsuccessful experiment on floriculture from the window sill, enjoy the cleanliness that has come and say to yourself – more than ever. No flowers, bushes and other vines! Enough!

And wait half a year.

If – which is very likely – the kind of empty window sill still fascinates you, leave it as it is. No “green hand” you do not need. Let her neighbor grow her sticks, but you have other virtues.

But if it seems to you that something is still wrong … If you are dreaming about a palm, spreading passionflower or banal marigolds in a pot … seen somewhere and sometime … If you are convinced that it would look wonderful on your windowsill pot with lace fern … If …

Do not give up. Tell yourself that with this green give free rein, and they will again take everything around. Remind yourself a gloomy picture of a window sill in a variety of pots. Remember how the dry grass rustles in the night. Do you want to experience it again?

But the plant can be planted in a beautiful container … And if it is one, it will be much easier to take care of it … Especially if it is a plant that you really want, and not stolen on occasion, the process is incomprehensible, something, just-would-be.And then, for the sake of one thing, you can read some sort of floral encyclopedia – it’s not so difficult after all …

By persuading yourself in this manner, you’ll still plant a plant on the window sill. One. And give yourself a fierce oath: no deadness! And really will take care of him, the benefit of this is indeed easier than taking care of the whole sub-garden bed. And, swimming in your attention, the green intervent will grow like a leap, be it even the most capricious breed.

In six months or a year, when the memory of unsuccessful horticultural attempts is erased completely, and the only plant allowed into the house will still feel great and please the eye, you will admit another of his colleagues to the house on the same conditions. You may have dreamed of this ficus or myrtle all your life! But a fierce oath about deadliness remains in force!

And now, it will not be five or six years since the most beautiful, favorite, most pleasant plants carefully selected by you will blossom in your house. And your guests will sigh enviously: “Oh, that’s what they say – a man has a green hand! We would! “

Nothing. They still have everything ahead of them. You know something.

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