Do I attend preparatory courses for applicants?

Do I attend preparatory courses for applicants?

September is not far off, and it’s high time for high school students to take care of the upcoming admission to higher education. The most common type of training that most of the universities of our country offer are preparatory courses.

Each institution in its own way represents what kind of preparation is needed for its entrants, and therefore there is a noticeable difference between the courses, from duration to the proposed material.

As a rule, attendance of preparatory courses is paid, moreover, it takes additional time and often sacrifices the weekend, not to mention the fulfillment of tasks. However, most preparatory courses do not guarantee your admission. So is it worth attending these courses or not?

Before you find the answer to this question, it is worthwhile to understand another thing, namely – what is the exam (after all, in the end it will be the apotheosis of all your long preparations)? Exam – this is nothing like a game, besides a game of excitement, like cards. You never know what cards will fall out to you, which rivals will fall. And in order to win, you need to know not only the rules of the game, but all its subtleties, the specifics of the place where you play, the characters and the manner of the game of potential rivals. It’s the same with the exam. The more you know about him at the time of receipt, the better. And where to get such information, how not on courses?

First, the teachers themselves will explain to you the structure of the exam: what types of questions are included, how points are awarded, etc. Teachers often share secrets and “chips” that will help you with admission. So you will collect official information. In other words, you will learn the basic rules of the game.

Now the point is for the subtleties. This information should be sought from the same players as you – the entrants. As a rule, everyone is ready to tell a lot of gossips and tales. Believe it or not, it’s your own business. But the more you learn, the better. It’s no secret that often younger brothers and sisters follow in the footsteps of elders and enter the same universities. From them you can find out information about the experience of your predecessors, which is very, very valuable.

After you have read the rules and subtleties of the game, look at the others. What kind of players are they, what is the level of their skill, are there many sharers among them? Make an objective assessment of your knowledge. What are your results compared to the results of classmates, compare your and their answers to the seminars. In the end, you can go directly to the teacher and ask him how he assesses your level of preparation.

So, after such simple research, you will have a fairly clear idea of ​​how to behave in the exam, how best to prepare for it and what to do and who to turn to if you do not hand over it. In addition, at the courses you will necessarily acquire new acquaintances and in connection with this you will receive another psychological bonus in your piggy bank: after all, it is much easier to go to the exam with a friend than to shake in proud solitude.

So from visiting the courses you can benefit! And what kind of cards you fall out – that’s the will of fate. The main thing to remember is that any exam is a gamble with lottery elements, and believe that you are lucky!

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