Can I make a lot of money on the Internet?

Can I make a lot of money on the Internet?

Probably, many of you at least once typed in the search bar on Yandex, Google or other search engines burning phrases: “How to make money on the Internet”, “Easy money” or “How to quickly get rich” … This is nothing shameful, everyone wants to get rich, somehow improve their lives in the material plan. Is this real?

So, what does most sites offer to us from the list found for the requested queries? The proposed options to get rich very much, but in the main there are several schemes. The first and most common: the victim, that is – us, are offered to buy some business package, with which we can immediately get rich. This is not true, for the most part all these “packages” do not play any role in a specific case. The essence of profit is that we, by selling these “packages” to someone else at a higher price, will receive revenue.

On the one hand, everything is simple, but on the other, think for yourself – who will buy it from you? Without advertising, without an explanation of the scheme? No one! This is the main problem – you will have to advertise yourself, write ads, create a website about this type of business, so that you simply bought something that someone else has imparted to you. It takes a lot of time and effort, and Internet traffic is not rubber.

So it turns out that after buying a “business package,” most simply stop, forever disappointed in high technology. Especially hot people begin to write to the source, from whom they bought the “bait”, threatening the law enforcement agencies. But the fact is that the law is on their side. Nothing illegal in this case is not observed.

The second option is the financial pyramid. The majority of the population, older, say, 25 years old, know what “MMM” is. Modern financial pyramids work somewhat differently. You go to some site where you begin to explain that you, having paid only the amount of X (usually not more than $ 10), will be able to join the orderly ranks of their community. It really looks like a pyramid. There is a person who is at the head of it. He attracted to this project a certain number of referrals (these are people who are brought into a forum or project), those in turn are several, several more and so on. And everyone pays the entrance fee. What do you get for the introduction? The percentage of the entry fee paid by referrals you referenced! It sounds good, the percentage is not very large, every person is sure that he will immediately lead hundreds of applicants. By the way, in addition to you for your referrals, the percentage is received by those who brought you! That is, it is doubly advantageous to attract people and actively propagate them, too. Naturally, the founder of the pyramid, its top, receives the most. The rest are content with miserable dollars a month, and many simply drop it because of lack of time for self-promotion.

And finally, the third way. A kind of pyramid, but I think it deserves attention because of its prevalence. Usually this can be found in various forums or get in the form of spam. The message is like: “Do you want to get rich in a week? And I got rich. In just a month! Now I’m sitting in a private house on Rublyovka and writing this to help you. ” Next are several numbers of virtual wallets, to which you need to send $ 1. A little, you will agree. Purses usually 6.

After that, delete the top purse, enter the last place your (again 6) and post on the forums and in ads the same ad, but with your purse at the end. Well, who’s on this bite? It turns out, many. Usually, calculations are given in which you become almost a billionaire in dollar terms over the year. But everything, as usual, forget one small detail – you need to visit hundreds of message boards and forums (also register!).

This method is not very effective because of our Russian mentality. Earn real only if all participants clearly follow the rules and send money.What do our craftsmen do? Instead of writing their wallet down, they just get themselves 6 purses;)

As you can see, the one who can lure the victim with beautiful words can get rich, and then pull out as much money as possible. That’s why crowds of people come across – it sounds simple and beautiful, but in fact it turns out quite differently. We can not say that we are “inflated”, it’s just that we are slipping a job that requires a lot of time. Earn any of the above methods is quite feasible. Your obedient servant personally earned in the third method about $ 60 per month. Not much, especially considering that half had to be paid for the Internet.

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